Effects of Several Synthesis Conditions on Bond Strength of Plywood Adhered with Natural Rubber Latex – Styrene Adhesive

Euis Hermiati, Widya Fatriasari, Faizatul Falah


This report discusses the effects of synthesis conditions on bond strength of plywood adhered with natural rubber latex - styrene adhesive.  Synthesis variables observed were catalyst (with and without catalyst), pre-stirring (0 and 3 hours) and heating time (1 and 2 hours).  Three-ply plywood samples were prepared from Albizia (Paraserianthes falcataria) and Red meranti (Shorea, sp.) veneers and their gluability were evaluated in accordance to Indonesian Standard (SNI 01-2704-1992).  The results revealed that synthesis conditions (i.e. catalyst, pre-stirring and heating time) did not significantly influence the bond strength of plywood.  Natural rubber latex – styrene adhesive is very appropriate as adhesive for Red meranti plywood.  Nevertheless, it can be used as limited interior application for Albizia plywood.  An addition of 10% phenol formaldehyde (PF) in natural rubber latex - styrene adhesive slightly improved the exterior type bond strength of Red meranti plywood


natural rubber, styrene, synthesis, adhesive, plywood, bond strength.

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