Chemotaxonomic Study in the Heartwood of Javanese Teak: Analysis of Quinones and Other Related Components

Ganis Lukmandaru


Ethanol-benzene soluble extracts from the heartwood collected from 87 individual teak trees grown in the island of Java were analyzed using GC and GC-MS. The variations of quinones (tectoquinone, deoxylapachol, isodeoxylapachol, lapachol, tectol) and other components (palmitic acid, squalene, and two unknown compounds) were investigated for a chemotaxonomical study. There were wide variations in the contents of the constituents among individuals from three habitats, Purwakarta (plantation forest), Randublatung (plantation forest)  and  Gunungkidul (community forest)  regions. Cluster  and  discriminant analysis  results  showed  that  teak  trees  can  be  classified  into  three  clusters  based  on  the composition of quinones and squalene. Cluster I was distinguished by relatively high amount of squalene and low amount of quinones. In contrast, high amount of tectoquinone and low amount of squalene was observed in cluster III. Further, comparatively high amount of naphtaquinones (lapachol, deoxylapachol and its isomer) and tectol was found in cluster II. Based on geographical distribution, Purwakarta, Randublatung, and Gunungkidul regions mostly produce cluster II, I, and III type individuals, respectively.


Tectona grandis;chemotaxonomy; extractives; quinones;Java.

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