Mutu Papan Partikel Pelepah Salak Tiga Lapis Berperekat Asam Sitrat (The Quality of Citric Acid Bonded Three Layered Particle Board of Snake Fruit Frond )

Bangun Dwi Prasetyo, Ragil Widyorini, Tibertius Agus Prayitno


Salacca (snack fruit) frond is a non-timber alternative for the production of composite boards. The study was aimed to determine the interaction between pressing time and shelling ratio on the quality of three layered particle board of salacca frond bonded with natural citric acid. Snack fruit frond composite boards of (25x25x1) cm3 were made at pressing temperature of 180 oC, specific pressure of 3 MPa, and target density of 0.8 g cm-3. A completely randomized factorial design was used with two factors, namely pressing times (10 and 15 minute) and shelling ratio of surface and core layer (10:90, 20:80 and 30:70%). Physical and mechanical properties of composite boards were tested based on JIS A 5908: 2003 standard. Results showed that the physical and mechanical properties were improved with increasing pressing time.The increase of shelling ratio between surface layer and core layer  positively influenced mechanical properties, however negatively influenced dimension stability and moisture content. The optimal properties of three-layered snake fruit frond particle board were achieved with 15 min pressing time and 20:80% shelling ratio.


citric acid; particleboards; pressing time; salacca fronds; shelling ratio

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