Pengaruh Dimensi dan Pre-kompresi Kayu terhadap Sifat Penyerapan Air Dimensions and Pre-Compression Wood Influences on Water Absorption

Lisman Suryanegara, Wahyu Dwianto


This research attempted to understand the effect of dimension and pre-compression on water absorption behavior of wood. Wood samples were water immersed at room temperature and 60°C for 48 hours in certain periods. Retention, weight gain and recovery level were observed.

The results showed that water absorption mostly depended on radial and tangential area for un-compressed wood. For pre-compressed wood, the different of water immersion temperature caused recovery level differences. The retention of pre-compressed wood samples which 60°C water immersion for 48 hours were higher than that of un-compressed wood samples


pre-compression, retention, recovery, immersion temperature

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