Anti-proliferative Activity of Some Oleanolic Acid Derivatives with Potent Topoisomerase Inhibitory Activity on B16 Melanoma Cells

Ahmed Ashour, Ryuichiro Kondo, Kuniyoshi Shimizu


Our previous study included the semisynthetic reactions on oleanolic acid, a common wood-derived oleanane-type triterpene. Ten rationally designed derivatives of oleanolic acid were synthesized based on docking studies and tested for their topoisomerase I and IIα inhibitory activity. Semisynthetic reactions targeted C-3, C-12, C-13 and C-17. Some of these compounds act as dual inhibitors for both topoisomerase I and IIα giving new anticancer agents. The cytotoxic activity of these compounds on B16 melanoma cancer cells was evaluated. Results showed that most of these compounds have a higher cytotoxic activity on B16 melanoma cells.


oleanolic acid; topoisomerase I and II; inhibitor; cytotoxic activity; B16 melanoma cells

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